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Service Instruction

Bussiness scope
  1.validating the forced-move paper
  2.accepting the application of container picking up,devanning and picking up by truck and Customes inspection etc.
  3. printing work order to customer after charge
  4. cash balance against work orders
  5. customer service
  working time:9:00-18:00
Bussiness scope
  1.checking and collecting the documents as E-CLP,EIR,<declaration form for dangerous goods operated in port> and <declaration form tor dangerous goods carried by ship> etc,for temporary stacking outbound containers in the period of block-time of yangshan port; checking the containers with relevant documents
  2. transaction of gate-out of forced-move container against work-order and EIR
  3. transaction of gate-in of empty containers returmed from depot,and charge
  4. checking the application, printing the picking-up voucher to the customers, and charge
  working time: 24-hour
Control center
  Business scope
  1.execution of plans with efficient and effective dispatching
  2.tackling down the frustration and problem in spot-operation
  3.reasonably and practically arranging the yard operation
  4.soliciting advice and suggestions from customers to promote customer service
  working time: 24-hour
Customs inspection area
  Business scope:
  1.providing Customs inspection service efficiently in 24-hour
  2.for the convenlence of customers,providing an open business procedures and open tariff
  3.ensuring the container and cargo inside intact and the documents and information inerrant
  4.providing finer customer service as customer trouble shooting,visitor reception etc.
  working time:24-hour
  working time of Customs office:export 09:00-22:00,import 09:00-16:00
  working time of inspection and quarantine bureau of PRC:09:00-16:00
  Business scope:
  1.offering one-package service of export booking, export Customs declaration, stuffing and container transfer etc.
  2.offering a one-package service of picking up import D/O, import Customs declaration, agent for inspection and quarantine, picking up containers from yangshan terminal, tally application, warehouse devanning, cargo distribution and storage etc.


The Scope of Compensation and Responsibility

Sending Notice 

1Senders please carefully fill in the information of waybill, and must faithfully provide the mobile phone number, moreover the mobile phone number must be written in the phone number column of lading the sender’s information,we will confirm the relevant delivery information according the sender’s phone number; the receiver’s phone number must be offered at the same time, and be written in the mobile phone number of receiver’s information.  

2. The copy of “the sender keeping” must be kept by the sender himself, and can not be broken  to others in any way.

3. the sender notice our company to deliver the express,and must sign “agree to deliver”and his name (full name) in the remark column of  “the sender keeping”copy.If the sender is a company,it must be under seal.What’s more, the content of customer’s signature and seal must be same with the details of the sender’s signing column.Please fax the copy of “the sender keeping” to our customer service department in the dispatch region when prepare delivering.After confirming with the sender’s mobile phone number, we will deliver the express based on indicated details.

4. when collecting the fast good,the sender must sign for by himself, can not collecting, the receiver must show valid identity document and registering.

Responsibility Instruction

(1) Senders please accurately fill in the notification delivery note according to send information, if sender provide wrong information about sender name, receiver name, address, phone number etc. or provide non-sender name,receiver name, mobile phone number, all the losses produced by any factor above of all shall be bear by the sender, it’s nothing to do with our company.

(2) The sender should properly keep waybill copy of  “ the sender keeping”, if for the sender not properly keep copy of “ the sender keeping ”, all the losses shall be bear by the sender.


(3) If it is our company caused the shipment be damaged or lost, the freight will be free; if the sender not select support value, the company will compensate for the actual value of the shipment losses in not more than five times the amount of freight, if the sender has selected support value (charging according to the 3% of support value amount ), then our company pay for according to the shipment declare value and loss proportion, if the shipment declared value is higher than the actual value,pay for base on the actual value ( refer to the shipment itself value, not including its revenues, profits, the actual use, or in the market for any direct, indirect loss, or special commercial use) .

(4) About any claim, the sender must notice to the nearest Nanfeng Express collection agencies in written form within 15 days, if past due as a waiver, shall not be accepted.

(5) Before all the payment of freight, Nanfeng Express not accept any claim, and any claim amount can not be deducted from the freight.

(6) The delay and damage caused by irresistible factors like Natural disasters,air crash, war, traffic accidents, the government behavior etc., Nanfeng Express will not in charge of the loss. .     

We will not in charge of the lose caused by the following factors:

a. ) Irresistible factors;

b. ) The deteriorate, decrement,damage or destruction caused by the express itself;

c. ) Packaging method or bad container quality , but can not be found from the outside;

d. ) Integral packaging, seals without abnormal, but internals is lack ;

e. ) Reasonable consume of express goods;

f. ) The fault of shipper or the consignee ( including only after get the goods,the consignee will fine shipment shortage, damage, deterioration etc..). 

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