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FAA scrutinises American Airlines after landing sl

FAA scrutinises American Airlines after landing slip-ups

THE US Federal Aviation Administration is scrutinising the operations of American Airlines after three landing slip-ups last month, reports the Associated Press.

An American spokesman told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that it is cooperating with the FAA and conducting its own investigation.

Jetliners' wingtips touched the ground during landings during two landings on December 13 inCharlotte,North Carolina, and again on December24 inAustin. And inJamaica, a plane overshot the runway in a rainstorm on December 22, said the report.

FAA officials said in a statement that they'll also conduct a review of the events to see if there might be a larger issue. The statement says that if needed, the FAA will work with Fort Worth-based American on corrective action.

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